About John Ironside, Photographer

John Ironside, FRGS, Photographer, Author
"Mount Folly",The Folly, Wexford, Ireland
Phone: +353 53 9147714
Mobile: +353 86 8554890

John Ironside‘s photographic expeditions have taken him from Ireland to the jungles of the Amazon and many other parts of South America, to Mexico, Europe and Southern Africa. John’s photographic images have been extensively published in national newspapers and magazines and overseas and he has been the subject of various radio and television programmes. John has exhibited in Ireland, Paris and London and his work hangs in many homes and business centres around the world.  He specialises in creating outstanding art from the natural world around him, and  conveying the essense of the diverse architectural designs that enhance people’s lives.  Herein lies another of John’s passions, capturing  the character and the essense of the human form in a moment, for all time.

John Ironside was born in Trinidad, West Indies, of an Irish mother and Scottish father who was plant superintendent with Texaco Oil Refinery there. John Ironside and his family live in the historic town of  Wexford  in South East Ireland.


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